The FPM Board is assisted in achieving its objectives by several committees. Each year, the board confirms the appointment of office bearers, committee chairs and membership nominations. Please click on the links below to see the committee appointments.

The FPM Board has developed terms of reference for each of its committees and individual roles that report to it. The terms of reference aim to streamline both the FPM Board and committee work by clarifying the purpose of and arrangements for committees and individual roles

Board committees and roles

Executive Committee

Training and Assessment Executive Committee ‚Äč
Professional Affairs Executive Committee

Regional and national committees

In 2008, the board developed by-laws for the establishment of regional committees, which have since been established in five Australian states: Queensland (2008), New South Wales (2008), Western Australia (2009), South Australia (2010) and Victoria (2011).  In May 2013, a New Zealand National Committee was formed and the by-laws updated to reflect this.  FPM regional and national committees support the function of headquarters and conduct training, supervision and continuing medical education in their regions.  Administrative support for each regional or national committee is provided by the relevant regional or national office.

Board has developed terms of reference for the committees that report to it. The aim is to streamline both board and committee work by clarifying the purpose of and arrangements for committees, particularly to define which functions are delegated to committees (and reported through to Board) and which require Board approval. The terms of reference includes standardised definitions of a quorum, voting rules and that electronic decisions should be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.

Please click here to access the regional and national committee by-laws.



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