Learning and Development Committee

The role of the Learning and Development Committee is to implement board policy, provide advice to the board and support and evaluate the training program and other educational initiatives.

The board has developed terms of reference for the committees that report to it. The aim is to streamline both board and committee work by clarifying the purpose of and arrangements for committees, particularly to define which functions are delegated to committees (and reported through to the board) and which require board approval. The terms of reference includes standardised definitions of a quorum, voting rules and that electronic decisions should be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting. 




Acting Chair

Professor Milton Cohen


Dr Timothy Brake


Dr Harold Eeman


Dr Joseph Kluver


Dr Olivia Ong


Dr Paul Vroegop


Dr Aston Wan

New Fellow Representative

Dr Preshanthy Rajeepan

Operations Manager, FPM

Ms Juliette Whittington

Operations Manager, Learning and Development

Ms Margaret Kerr

Operations Manager, Strategy and Quality 

Ms Teri Snowdon

FPM Learning and Development Coordinator

Dr Cassie Sparkes

Dean (ex officio)

Dr Meredith Craigie

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