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The Faculty of Pain Medicine is a faculty of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. The faculty is administered by a board elected by the fellowship, and is supported by committees. The dean and vice-dean are elected by the board. 

To assist the FPM Board in achieving its objectives, the College engages professional and administrative staff located at ANZCA House, in the New Zealand national office, and in state and territory regional offices.

The faculty is supported by regional committees in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria and by a national committee in New Zealand, which provide continuing medical education.


ANZCA Council has delegated certain powers and functions to the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the College as reflected in the faculty's organisation chart.



The board comprises 11 fellows of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, elected or nominated in accordance with the by-laws. At least four shall be fellows of ANZCA, at least two shall be fellows of a division or a faculty or a chapter of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, at least one shall be a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, at least one shall be a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and one will be a new fellow board member. The remaining two fellows can be any fellows of the Faculty.


Faculty of Pain Medicine Board  

  Name and Title Region

Dr Meredith Craigie – Dean 

Meredith Craigie trained in medicine followed by anaesthesia and intensive care in Adelaide, further specialising in paediatric anaesthesia in the United Kingdom followed by a Masters of Pain Medicine from Sydney University.

She works at the CALHN Pain Management Unit, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and in private practice at Pelvic Pain SA. She is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Flinders University.

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Associate Professor Michael Vagg – Vice Dean 

Associate Professor Michael Vagg is a rehabilitation physician and a pain medicine physician. He graduated from Monash University in 1994 and spent several years as a uniformed Medical Officer in the RAAF before undertaking vocational training.

He is a director of Pain Matrix, a private comprehensive pain service in Geelong, Clinical Director of Rehabilitation and Pain Services at Epworth Geelong and a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Deakin University Medical School.

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Dr Vanessa Beavis – ANZCA Council Representative and ANZCA Vice President

Vanessa Beavis is a specialist anaesthetist working in public and private practice in Auckland. She trained in South Africa and emigrated to New Zealand in 1993. Vanessa is the Director of Anaesthesia and Operating Rooms at Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand.  Her main area of interest, with respect to clinical work, is liver transplantation. 


Dr Kieran Davis – Board member 

Kieran Davis is a Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia Specialist at Auckland City Hospital. He is a graduate of Leeds University; he trained in anaesthesia in the North West of England before undertaking further studies in Pain Medicine in Auckland.

Kieran's clinical interests include Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, opioid avoidance and integrating the biological with the psychosocial approach to pain.

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Dr Harold Eeman – New Fellow Board member 

Harold Eeman is a rehabilitation physician and specialist pain physician who works in Melbourne at St Vincent’s Hospital and for Northern Health. He studied medicine at the University of Sydney after completing undergraduate arts and science degrees at the Australian National University. 

He was involved with the drafting of the new curriculum from 2012-2015. His interests include understanding fibromyalgia, visceral pain and using psychological techniques to improve the quality of life of patients with persistent pain. 

He has a young son and enjoys keeping fit by swimming. He’s also an advocate for doctors with a disability.

Dr Chris Hayes – Board member 

Chris Hayes is Director of Hunter Integrated Pain Service which is based at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. He is a graduate of the University of Newcastle. He trained initially in anaesthesia before undertaking further studies in Pain Medicine.

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Associate Professor Paul Gray – Board member 

Paul Paul is a specialist anaesthetist and pain medicine physician with an interest in vascular anaesthesia, burns pain management and interventional pain techniques.
He is the director of the Professor Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Queensland.  His PhD was conferred by the University of Queensland in 2012 on the title, “Phantom Skin Pain” - Neuropathic pain following burn injury: An examination of incidence and treatment.
For the Faculty, he is an examiner, reviewer for the Training Unit Assessment Committee and Supervisor of the Supervisors of Training.

Dr Newman Harris – Board member

Newman Newman Harris is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Pain Management and Research Institute of the University of Sydney, at the Royal North Shore Hospital. In addition to experience in rehabilitation medicine and procedural pain medicine, he completed psychiatry training (FRANZCP) during a fellowship at the Pain Management and Research Institute, and subsequently completed a Master’s degree in Pain Medicine at the University of Sydney. He was admitted as a Foundation fellow of the FPM in 1999.

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Dr Susie Lord - Board member 

Susie Lord is currently Clinical Lead, Children's Complex Pain Service, John Hunter Children’s Hospital, and Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle, Australia. 

She studied Medicine at the University of Newcastle and interned in Sydney, before undertaking PhD studies into procedures used for diagnosis and treatment of cervical spinal pain. She was awarded the IASP Research Prize for her thesis and publications. She subsequently trained in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine in Newcastle, with a focused fellowship year training in Paediatric Pain in Sydney.

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Professor Stephan Schug – Board member 

Stephan Schug is currently Professor and Chair of Anaesthesiology in the Medical School the University of Western Australia and Director of Pain Medicine at the Royal Perth Hospital, Australia. 

He studied medicine at the University of Cologne, Germany, where he also obtained his MD by thesis in clinical pharmacology and subsequently specialised in anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine.
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Dr Melissa Viney – Board member 

Melissa Viney is a graduate in Medicine and Surgery from the University Of Melbourne 1986. Subsequently her junior post-graduate years were spent at the Repatriation General Hospital, Frankston Hospital and the Mercy Hospital for Women before undertaking anaesthesia training through the Northern Suburbs Anaesthetic Rotational Training Program in Melbourne followed by a Fellowship in Pain Medicine at the Royal North Shore Hospital and a further Fellowship in cardiothoracic anaesthesia at the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane. Her post-graduate studies have included a Masters in Pain Management and a Diploma in Medical Education both, from the University of Sydney.
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Associate Professor Andrew Zacest – Board member 

Associate Professor Andrew Zacest graduated from the University of Adelaide and obtained dual neurosurgical (FRACS) and pain medicine fellowships (FFPMANZCA) in 2007. He was awarded a Masters of Surgery for his work examining neurogenic inflammation following traumatic brain injury. Post fellowship training was in the US specialising in Functional Neurosurgery including pain management, deep brain stimulation, peripheral nerve disorders, epilepsy and brain tumours.

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Dr Rodney Mitchell – ANZCA President

Rodney Mitchell works in both public and private practice in Adelaide in anaesthesia and intensive care. He holds staff positions in the department of anaesthesia at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the department of intensive care at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. He spent nine years in central Australia, working in remote primary healthcare, retrieval medicine, and more recently as director of anaesthesia at the Alice Springs Hospital. Rodney is a supervisor of training at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He was elected to ANZCA Council in 2010 and chairs the Indigenous Health Commitee.

In attendance




Chief Executive Officer, ANZCA Mr John Ilott
ANZCA President Dr Rodney Mitchell
Director of Professional Affairs Professor Milton Cohen
General Manager, Faculty of Pain Medicine Ms Helen Morris

The Faculty of Pain Medicine Board appoints committees to help achieve its objectives. There are nine major committees of the board and five Australian regional committees and a New Zealand National Committee. Committees are appointed biennially following the annual general meeting.

For further information about the committees, please click here.

FPM Strategic Plan 2018-2022

The 2018-2022 FPM strategic plan has four strategic goals:
  • EXPAND multi-disciplinary pain services across regional and metropolitan Australia and New Zealand.
  • POSITION FPM as the trusted source of expertise in addressing the societal impact/problem of pain.
  • DEVELOP our role as a world leader in pain medicine research.
  • ENHANCE the suite of FPM educational offerings in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

To see the full plan for each strategic goal, click here.

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