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The Faculty of Pain Medicine is a faculty of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.  The Faculty is administered by a board elected by the fellowship, and is supported by committees. The dean and other office bearers are elected by the board. The administration, examinations and training headquarters are located in Melbourne and are administered by the general manager, FPM.  

The Faculty is supported by regional committees in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria and by a national committee in New Zealand, which provide continuing medical education.

A panel of examiners is appointed to assess the performance of candidates for the fellowship examination.

ANZCA Council has delegated certain powers and functions to the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the College as reflected in the Faculty's organisation chart.



The board comprises 10 Fellows of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, elected or nominated in accordance with the regulations. At least four shall be Fellows of ANZCA, at least two shall be Fellows of a division or a faculty or a chapter of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, at least one shall be a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and at least one shall be a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. The remaining two Fellows can be any Fellows of the Faculty.

Board photo 2015-2016

Back row: Professor Stephan Schug, Professor David A Scott (ANZCA President), Dr Michael Vagg, Dr Patrick Farrell (Council Representative), Dr Newman Harris, Associate Professor Andrew Zacest, Ms Helen Morris (General Manager).
Front row: Dr Melissa Viney, Associate Professor Brendan Moore, Professor Edward Shipton, Dr Chris Hayes (Dean), Dr Meredith Craigie (Vice-Dean), Associate Professor Raymond Garrick, Dr Kieran Davis. 



Faculty of Pain Medicine Board  

Title Name
Dean Dr Chris Hayes
Vice-Dean, Chair Training and Assessment Executive Committee,
Chair Learning and Development Committee
Dr Meredith Craigie
Assessor Dr Kieran Davis
Chair, Training Unit Accreditation Committee Dr Melissa Viney
Chair, Continuing Professional Development Committee Dr Michael Vagg
Chair, Research Committee Associate Professor Andrew Zacest
Treasurer Associate Professor Brendan Moore
Chair, Examinations Committee Dr Newman Harris
Member Professor Edward (Ted) Shipton
Member Professor S A Schug
Member  Associate Professor Raymond Garrick
Council Representative Dr Patrick Farrell

 In attendance

Title Name
Director of Professional Affairs Professor Milton Cohen
General Manager, Faculty of Pain Medicine Ms Helen Morris


Following the annual general meeting each year, the Faculty of Pain Medicine Board appoints committees to help achieve its objectives. There are five major committees of the board and five regional committees.

For further information about the committees, please click here.

FPM Strategic Plan 2013-17


"Advancing pain medicine: Improving patient care" is the theme of the FPM Strategic Plan 2013-2017. The plan has three strategic priorities:

  • Build fellowship and the Faculty.
  • Build the curriculum and knowledge.
  • Build advocacy and access.

To see the full plan, including the three objectives for each strategic priority, click here.

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