Accreditation submissions

Application to the Australian Medical Council for specialty recognition.        

ANZCA/FPM accreditation submissions

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists including the Faculty of Pain Medicine have recently provided submissions for re-accreditation to the Australian Medical Council and the Medical Council of New Zealand. The submissions, addressing nine accreditation standards, are the first phase of the re-accreditation process in both Australia and New Zealand. Following consideration of these submissions the Australian Medical Council will undertake a series of consultations at ANZCA and FPM’s offices and accredited training sites.


FPM accreditation submission

Please find FPM's appendices available here.


In November 2005, pain medicine was recognised as a medical specialty by the Australian Medical Council. Submissions in support of this application are available for viewing:


Faculty of Pain Medicine submission


ANZCA submission


New Zealand application for specialty recognition

In August 2009, the Faculty of Pain Medicine began the application process for specialist vocational recognition in New Zealand with the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).


A draft report from the Education Committee of MCNZ was provided for comment to the New Zealand National Committee of ANZCA during the Annual Scientific Meeting in Christchurch. Processes have changed, however the faculty has elected to remain with the previous process, as those requirements had been followed exactly in submissions to date.


From the response received it was apparent that there had been mostly positive support from those they had consulted and that firm ground had been established for pain medicine being recognised as a separate vocational scope. Concerns raised in the draft report will be addressed in Stage II of the process. A response is expected shortly from the MCNZ Education Committee.

  • Stage I application document 
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