2019 Spring Meeting - workshops

The following workshops will be held at The Byron at Byron, on Friday October 18 from 8am until 12.30pm, as part of the 2019 FPM Spring Meeting.


Pain management sonography – kindly supported by 

Facilitator: Dr Amitabh Gulati

Dr Amitabh Gulati is an interventional cancer pain physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. His expertise is in algorithmic approaches to cancer pain treatment and ultrasound therapeutics and guidance.  

Dr Gulati will focus on the advanced ultrasound techniques in oncologic pain medicine. These workshops will explore post-mastectomy pain syndrome, followed by chest pain and thoracic spine blocks for pain medicine and finally, illustrate ultrasound guided pain procedures for the lumbosacral spine.

There are four workshops:

W01A: 8-8.45am Joints and neural innervation (shoulder, hip, and knee) - FULL
W01B: 9-9.45am Cervical spine - FULL
W01C: 10.30-11.15am Thoracic spine - FULL
W01D: 11.30am-12.15pm Lumbosacral spine - FULL

Cost: $132
Maximum capacity: Six participants per workshop


Acute severe behavioural disturbance education session - FULL

Facilitator: Dr Stephanie Oak

Dr Stephanie Oak is a consultation liaison psychiatrist and pain medicine specialist from New South Wales who worked with medical and surgical patients at the John Hunter Hospital for 25 years and the Hunter Integrated Pain Service for more than a decade. She is now doing locum work in regional and rural hospitals across Australia.

Acute severe behavioural disturbance education is the fifth emergency response category activity available to participants of the ANZCA and FPM CPD program. Learn how to assess and manage behaviourally disturbed patients across a range of settings, with a focus on interventions to de-escalate aggression and the safe care of patients who require sedation to contain their behaviour.


W02A: 8-10am
W02B: 10.30am-12.30pm

Cost: $44
Maximum capacity: 15 participants per workshop


Coeliac plexus blocks for pancreatic cancer - FULL

Facilitators: Drs Steve Gibson and Alix Dumitrescu

Dr Alix Dumitrescu is a pain and palliative medicine specialist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. Her areas of interest include cancer pain, medical education and staff wellbeing.

This one hour workshop will cover a literature review on coeliac plexus blocks regarding different outcome measures including pain, oMEDD, constipation, quality of life and survival. We will discuss the different techniques available and will present some local outcome data as a basis for discussing referral patterns, wait list times and potential future research areas.

W03A: 8-9am

Cost: $44
Maximum capacity: 20 participants

Acute pain management for cancer-related pain - FULL

Facilitator: Dr Jennifer Stevens

Dr Jennifer Stevens is a visiting medical officer anaesthetist and pain specialist, and is the current NSW Health Collaborative Leader of the Year. The majority of her practice is in private anaesthesia with the remainder in acute pain across public and private, and in research, with medication safety and large-scale translational projects as the focus.

Join us for an interactive update on acute pain management. This workshop will focus on real world scenarios for you to work through.


W04A: 9.15-10.15am

Cost: $44
Maximum capacity: 20 participants


Paediatric procedures

Facilitator: Dr Matthew Crawford

Dr Matthew Crawford is Director of Pain and Palliative Care at Sydney Children’s Hospital. He is also a senior staff specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care, as well as clinical director of surgery and anaesthesia programs at Sydney Children’s Hospital. 

This workshop will deal with common management problems in paediatric cancer pain. These can be divided into the acute setting, which is generally related to the side effects of chemo-therapy. The more long-term effects of significant anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, peripheral neuropathy and residual disease, as well as end-of-life management. 

W05A: 10.15-11.15am

Cost: $44
Maximum capacity: 20 participants


Developing a multidisciplinary and interventional hospital cancer pain service

Facilitator: Dr Timothy Hucker

Dr Timothy Hucker trained in anaesthetics, adult and paediatric intensive care, palliative care and pain in London, Royal Prince Alfred and The Alfred.  Tim is the clinical lead for pain at the Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne. 

This workshop will seek to illustrate the use of the cancer council guidelines on pain management in the cancer patient through case based discussion.  In addition the workshop will look at pain management outside of the guidelines such as pain in the cancer survivor and limitations of guideline uptake.

W06A: 11.30am-12.30pm

Cost: $44
Maximum capacity: 20 participants

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