2017 Spring Meeting


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Presentation slides

The following presentations and abstracts are available for viewing (login required). These presentations are for educational purposes only and not for public distribution.

Cortical integration of pain perception: from nocicepton to compassion

Dr Luis Garcia-Larrea 

Cognition, emotion and persistent pain
Dr Frank New

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons cultural change and teaching in LMIC's
Professor David Watters

Prediction and detection of neuropathic pain
Dr Luis Garcia-Larrea - View the presentation in Networks.

Neuropathic pain after surgery
Dr Christopher Woodgate

The patient with an addiction
Professor Stephan Schug - View the presentation in Networks.

The paediatric patient
Associate Professor Greta Palmer

The patient with sleep disordered breathing
Dr Richard Halliwell

Answering the Belsnickel: How can we justify our practices if evidence can never be enough?
Dr Michael Vagg

Dr Brett Chandler

Free open access and meducation
Dr Pieter Peach

Cancer survivorship and using regulatory non-fit for tough advice
Professor Paul Glare - View the presentation in Networks.

Cancer pain without opioids
Associate Professor Roger Goucke

Assisted dying legislation discussion
Professor Danuta Mendelson - View the presentation in Networks.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

2017 ANZCA CPD program credits.
This event can be claimed by ANZCA CPD participants under the following categories:
  • Knowledge and skills ‘Presentations, Lectures’ – 1 credit per hour
  • Knowledge and skills ‘Short Courses, Workshops’ – 2 credits per hour
  • Emergency response - CICO
  • Emergency response - Cardiac Arrest
ANZCA/FPM members will automatically have their attendance accredited to their CPD portfolio following the meeting.

Healthcare industry sponsorship and exhibition opportunities 

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We are inviting organisations to consider the benefits and opportunities associated with becoming involved as a sponsor or exhibitor of the FPM Spring Meeting. The Organising Committee recognises the need to strengthen and enhance partnerships and is committed to bringing the interest of both parties together to build strong and worthwhile relationships. For more information and a copy of the prospectus, please contact Ms Eleni Koronakos. 
For further details about the meeting, please contact the meeting secretariat:

Eleni Koronakos
Email: fpm@anzca.edu.au
Phone: +61 3 9510 6299
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