Opioids and chronic pain forum

Building on the success of the two forums we held in 2017, this consultative forum on opioids and chronic pain aims to bring together key stakeholders from the fellowship, other key medical disciplines, the consumer voice, policy makers, and regulators to help guide the activities of the FPM Board in this topical space.

Recently the faculty has had a prominent voice in advocating for the up-scheduling of codeine and educating the public on safer options. We recently released a position statement on the use of slow-release opioids in the management of acute pain and there are a number of initiatives that are being considered by the board or work being led by other organisations that the board is contributing to.

We are very keen to engage our fellows and trainees in a broader discourse on this subject and to gauge your opinions. The faculty aims to understand the current research and use this evidence to inform change; to define our role as a valued advisor and develop a strategy to promulgate our position. 


Saturday June 16, 2018.



630 St Kilda Road



The forum program will include presentations from a number of bodies and speciality areas and will include group discussions around barriers to change and innovative solutions. 


Why are we still talking about opioids?


What local research influences the conversation?


Sticks and carrots - the framework within which we presribe. 


Looking to the future - Innovative solutions, research agenda and strategic partnerships



Registration is now open. Places are limited to 100 fellows and trainees of the faculty. We are also offering remote access via Adobe Connect to those who are unable to attend on the day (places are limited to 90 participants). We do however, strongly encourage participants to attend in person given the interactive nature of the forum with multiple opportunities for engagement throughout the day including breakout sessions which online participants will be unable to participate in. A nominal fee is being charged to cover the costs of convening this forum which includes specialist non-fellow speakers. 


Dr Meredith Craigie
FPM Dean

For further information please contact the forum organiser:

Penny McMorran
Email: fpm@anzca.edu.au 
Phone: +61 3 8517 5337
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