Fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine is an immediately recognised hallmark of a specialist of the highest professional standing. It is a symbol that the holder not only meets the requirements for admission to Fellowship, but also remains a member in good standing with a professional organisation that has the highest aspirations for safe and high quality patient care.



The Faculty has designed the FFPMANZCA logo, incorporating the FPM logo and the words "Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists" for use by all Fellows of the Faculty. To access the logo and resources (pasword protected), click here.


FPM photo library

FPM has developed a photo library for fellows' professional use, such as in slides and brochures. It will be added to over time.

Click here to access the FPM photo library (password protected)


Admission to fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine is by training and examination, election or honorary fellowship.


Pay subscriptions

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Fellowship Registration

After becoming a Fellow, all Fellows will need to register as a Pain Medicine Physician. To register, Fellows will need to fill out the Application for specialist registration for a medical practitioner (currently holding general and/or specialist registration) - ASPC-30 form. Please visit the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) website for further information.


Continuing professional development

All Fellows of the Faculty of Pain Medicine need to participate in a continuing professional development program. Fellows can complete the program of either their primary specialty College and/or through ANZCA.  Fellows participating in the program of their primary speciality must also achieve the standard of the ANZCA CPD program.


The ANZCA/FPM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program has been devised to promote and implement proven and accepted educational standards, strategies and tools to assist Fellows to plan and participate in professional activities that meet their learning needs to improve their practice.


Supervisors of training

Supervisors of training (SoTs) are the Faculty's representatives with respect to training in units accredited by the faculty. Supervisors of training are Fellows of the Faculty nominated by the director of an approved unit.


Appointments are made upon the recommendation of the Education and Training Committee and ratified by the Faculty of Pain Medicine Board. Appointments are for an initial term of three years. Supervisors are eligible for reappointment by the board. The supervisor shall not be the director of the unit unless circumstances are exceptional.


List of Fellows

The Faculty publishes a list of Fellows on the website, which includes only those who have given their consent. 


Positions available

From time to time the Faculty receives notification of positions available for trainees and pain medicine specialists which we place on the website for the convenience of our members.

Mentoring Facility

Pain medicine trainees and Fellows identified a need for mentoring during their training period and early post fellowship years. Mentoring is a voluntary relationship, typically between an experienced person and a more junior colleague. It enables the current and next generations of pain physicians to meet and share ideas, thoughts and experiences.

A mentoring database is now available to facilitate FPM fellows and trainees to engage with suitable mentors by listing their location, interest and specialty areas. For further information please click here.


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