Fellowship fees

Fee type Currency GST
rate %
Gross fee
Annual subscription      
Australia AUD 10 1579
New Zealand NZD 15 2063
Election to fellowship application fee      
Australia AUD 10 519
New Zealand NZD 15 701
Election to fellowship entry fee      
Australia AUD 10 5192
New Zealand NZD 15 7015
Non-Fellows CPD participation fee      
Australia AUD 10 1188
New Zealand NZD 15 1605


Subscription concessions granted under one category only (% of subscription fee payable):


1.  Active Fellows aged 60-64 years - 75%

2.  Active Fellows aged 65 years and over practicing any form of medicine - 50%

3.  Active Fellows permanently resident outside Australia and New Zealand  - 50%

4.  Fully retired Fellows - 0%

5.  Fellows engaged in full-time research for a degree relevant to Pain Medicine - 50%

6.  Active Fellows working full time in a voluntary or humanitarian role where the income is relatively low - 0%

7. Fellows paying a full subscription to the primary specialty but not practicing any Pain Medicine - 50%


Special consideration may be given to those on extended leave (eg. maternity, carer's, sick, compassionate) or in circumstances of financial hardship. Such consideration may include deferral of payment and/or concessions (applied prospectively for a minimum of 3 months).

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