FPM Board election results

We are pleased to announce the following fellows have been successful at the 2019 FPM Board election, and we extend our congratulations.
The successful candidates were: 
  • Dr Harry Eeman (Vic) – newly elected
  • Dr Newman Harris (NSW) – re-elected unopposed
  • Dr Geoffrey Speldewinde (ACT) – newly elected


It was pleasing that a number of candidates volunteered to serve on the FPM Board, and we thank them all for their willingness to do so. The unsuccessful candidates were Dr Tipu Aamir and Dr Alan Nazha, and we wish them well should they choose to stand again.

We had record voter participation, with 201 votes submitted, representing 44 per cent of our fellowship. 

We are also pleased to announce that the following fellow has been successful at the 2019 Election of New Fellow to the FPM Board:

  • Dr Kylie Hall (QLD) – newly elected


We also thank Dr Reza Feizerfan for his interest in serving on the Board and wish him well should he choose to stand again in the future.

There were 25 votes submitted in the 2019 Election of New Fellow to FPM Board, representing 42 per cent of the new fellowship.

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