Launch of revised PM10 (PILOT)

Subsequent to the consultative forum held in October 2017, the faculty has promulgated a revised position statement on medicinal cannabis.

The board has approved, for publication and further discussion, a revised faculty position statement on medicinal cannabis (PILOT until December 2018). The fundamental stance taken by the faculty in this respect has not changed since the statement was first published in 2015: The scientific evidence for the efficacy of cannabinoids in the management of people with chronic non-cancer pain is insufficient to justify endorsement of their clinical use.

This stance has been reinforced by the landmark systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature on cannabinoids in chronic non-cancer pain[1], this study forming the basis of the TGA document, "Guidance for the use of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain in Australia"[2].

In order to advise patients and the community in accordance with best evidence, clinicians who are active in this area are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these two papers as well as with the revised PM-10.

Read the statement here

The background paper to PM-10 has been modified to discuss not only the Stockings et al paper and the TGA guidance but also a synopsis of the major preceding publications on which much opinion, especially from advocates and the industry, has been based.

With respect to the current and expected activity of companies involved in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of medicinal cannabis products in Australia and New Zealand, the faculty expects that those companies will adhere to the Medicine Australia Code of Conduct[3] in their interactions with fellows.

The faculty welcomes input from fellows and trainees on the issue of medicinal cannabis, including concerns regarding promotional activities, via email.

[1] Stockings E, Campbell G, Hall WD, Nielsen S, Zagic D, Rahman R, Murnion B, Farrell M, Weier M, Degenhardt L. Cannabis and cannabinoids for the treatment of people with chronic non-cancer pain conditions: A systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled and observational studies. Pain 2018, in press.



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