It is important for the future of our Faculty to promote pain research and to set priorities in terms of the direction of such research. This requires a critical mass of Fellows interested and active in research.

How is the Faculty promoting pain research?

The Faculty of Pain Medicine Board sees research as “core business” of the FPM and supports the FPM Research and Innovation Committee and the need to “foster a culture of research”. Key research areas for the Faculty include:

The ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR) has been developed to collect, preserve and promote the significant amount of important research published by ANZCA and FPM Fellows and trainees.

AIRR is an institutional repository that identifies, captures, stores and facilitates retrieval of the research and publication output of ANZCA, FPM and the wider ANZCA community (such as non-funded Fellows, trainees and staff) for the collaborative benefit of local and global clinicians, researchers and health educators.  The repository provide a single access point of current and comprehensive research outcomes and a portfolio for ANZCA and FPM researchers/authors on an international scale.

Fellows and trainees are able to self-submit their research publications and outcomes to AIRR.

Electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration (ePPOC)

Collaborative development of a chronic pain outcome initiative to allow benchmarking of outcomes between specialist pain management services. The Electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Centre (ePPOC) was developed in 2012 to support a national outcome system. For further information on ePPOC, click here.

Research support

Support of research within the FPM including application to ANZCA and other funding bodies
and publication in peer reviewed journals.

ANZCA Research Foundation

Many of the advances in health care in Australasia that are crucial to the safety and well-being of patients in acute care and life-threatening situations owe their origins to pioneering research undertaken by Faculty Fellows. Despite this, research funding in Australia in the areas of anaesthesia, pain medicine and intensive care is the lowest of all medical specialties.

The ANZCA Research Foundation's mission is: "To support medical research and education that saves lives, helps people to optimise their health, and works to make life as pain-free as possible".

For further information, click here.

ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

The primary goal of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network is to improve the evidence base of anaesthesia and pain medicine by endorsing high quality, multicentre randomised controlled trials and related research. For further information, click here.

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