Better Pain Management



Education of primary health care professionals remains one of the greatest challenges in delivering accessible, high quality medical treatment to people suffering chronic pain.


The sheer number of patients affected, up to 20% of the population in Australia, dictates that the overwhelming majority of health care for patients with chronic pain must come from primary care providers. 





The FPM, Better Pain Management program has been designed for specialist and general medical practitioners, medical students, nurses and allied health practitioners engaged in the care of patients with persistent pain. It consists of six online education modules each designed to be completed in one hour.


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Topics covered in the Better Pain Management program include:

  1. Making an effective pain diagnosis: a whole person approach
  2. The impact and management of psychological factors in pain
  3. A whole person approach to chronic pain
  4. Identification and management of neuropathic pain 
  5. Identification and management of low back pain in the primary care setting 
  6. Opioids in pain management 


Continuing Professional Development

ANZCA/FPM CPD program: completion of the modules accrues CPD credits (or may be cited as evidence of satisfying CPD requirements) under knowledge and skills.


Due to the varying continuing professional development (CPD) programs of nursing and allied health groups, no standard CPD value has been assigned to the modules. Participants should seek advice from their professional organisation. Completion of this activity may be cited as evidence of satisfying CPD requirements for AHPRA registered practitioners.


Development of Better Pain Management

Our aim is to present unbiased, prioritized, educational messages as interestingly, engagingly and as accessibly as possible while emphasizing core themes in pain medicine to capture the attention of the professionals engaged in the care of patients with persistent pain. 


The demonstrable, independent governance of this project is its great strength. An independent Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) was formed to select topics, which were then forwarded to the FPM Education Committee to select and invite specialists to represent the Faculty as content providers and writers of each topic.


The modules have been developed with clearly defined learning objectives and have used illustrations and animations to make them engaging. They are case study based, interactive, and include questionnaires to ensure effective comprehension and completion of each unit.


The program has been developed by FPM Fellows and other experts in specific areas relevant to pain management and has been contributed to, supported or endorsed by the following partnering organisations:


  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Australian Pain Society
  • Painaustralia
  • Australian Government, Department of Health
  • Australian Medicare Local Alliance.


The Faculty of Pain Medicine, ANZCA gratefully acknowledges the generous project support of the following organisations:





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Phone: +61 3 8517 5302 

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