The by-laws govern the conduct and management of the Faculty. The FPM Board is empowered by ANZCA to make, amend and repeal all by-laws.


Note: Dates in italics indicate the dates of changes to the by-laws, for example, 10/14 indicates a change made to the paragraph above in October 2014. 


In all cases in these by-laws, "the Faculty" refers to: Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.




1. The Board of Faculty.
2. Committees and functions of the board.

3. Admission to fellowship of the Faculty.
4. FPM Training Program.
5. By-law withdrawn May 2015 Board. 
6. By-law withdrawn May 2015 Board.
7. By-law withdrawn September 2016 Board.
8. Annual general meeting of the Faculty.
9. General business meetings of the Faculty.
10. Annual subscription.
11. Resignation from the Faculty.
12. Expulsion from the Faculty.
13. Appeals procedure.
14. Administrative orders.
15. Regional and national committees of the Faculty.

16. By-law withdrawn February 2020 Board. Replaced by Regulation 23 in April 2017.

17. Other provisions.

18. Faculty of Pain Medicine pre-2015 training program.
19. Accreditation of units offering training in pain medicine



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