10. Annual subscription

Note:  Dates in italics flag the dates of recent changes to the by-law, for example, 10/04 indicates a change made to the following paragraph in October 2004.



10.1 Subscriptions


10.1.1     Pursuant to articles 2, 3 and 4 of the constitution, Fellows of the College are required to pay an annual subscription which will be due on the 1st day of January in each year. Subscriptions payable by Fellows appointed during the year will be pro-rated based on the number of calendar month in the year from the date of admissions. 


10.2     Definitions:


10.2.1    Active Fellows are those in independent specialist pain medicine practice, which includes provision of specialist pain medicine services, specialist consulting, medico-legal practice and clinical support activities (such as administration, teaching and research).


10.2.2    Fully retired Fellows are those who have ceased practising all forms of clinical medicine, medico-legal work and clinical support activities (such as administration, teaching and research).


10.2.3     Practise is any role whether remunerated or not, in which the Fellow uses their skills and knowledge as a health practitioner in their profession. For the purposes of the College’s standards, practice is not restricted to the provision of direct clinical care. It also includes using professional knowledge in a direct non-clinical relationship with clients, working in management, administration, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles, and any other roles that impact on safe, effective delivery of services in the profession.


10.2.4 Two clinical sessions are deemed to equate to 0.2 FTE.


10.3     Concessions:


10.3.1    Pursuant to article 3 of the Constitution, Council may determine rates of concessions applicable to annual subscriptions payable by Fellows within the same class of membership if there is a good and compelling reason to do so.


10.3.2    Conditions under which concession of the annual subscription may be granted are as detailed in by-law 10.4 and set out on the annual subscription notice. 


10.3.3    Concessions are granted under one category only, as applicable, and are not cumulative.


10.3.4    Concessions as detailed in by-law 10.4 are applied prospectively on an annual basis.


10.3.5    Fellows wishing to apply for concessions should forward complete details in writing to the ANZCA Finance Unit.


10.4     Concessions are detailed in the following table:

Concession number Conditions for concession Percentage of full subscription fee payable
1 Past FPM Deans 0%
2 Fully retired Fellows 0%
3 Concession withdrawn effective January 1, 2020.  
4 Active Fellows aged 65 years and over and still practising any form of medicine 75%
5 Active Fellows under the age of 65 years practising other than  anaesthesia and  pain medicine 50%
6 Fellows who hold fellowships of ANZCA and FPM and who practise in only one of these disciplines, are eligible for a 50% concession of the discipline not being practised. The full subscription of the discipline being practised is applicable. 50% of discipline not being practised
7 Active Fellows working full-time in a voluntary or humanitarian role where the income is relatively low 0%
8 Active Fellows working two or fewer clinical sessions per week, pro-rata over one full year  50%
9 Active Fellows engaged in College funded or approved research or who are engaged in full-time or near full-time (>8 sessions per week) research or other academic activity such as a higher degree in research, education and management 50%
10 Active Fellows engaged in training for fellowship of another Australian and /or New Zealand specialist medical college/faculty, or other relevant higher educational qualification 50%
11 Active Fellows permanently residing outside Australia and New Zealand  50%
12 Up to 2 years of parental leave-where the Fellow is a full-time primary carer for a child 0% - full calendar year

Pro-rata% - any part calendar year
July 2019

10.4.1     Fellows who received concession number three or four prior to January 1, 2020 and are still practising any form of medicine will continue to receive the following age based concessions applicable prior to 2020:

Concession number Conditions for concession (prior to January 1, 2020) Percentage of full subscription fee payable
    3.  Active fellows aged 60 to 64 years 75%
    4.  Active fellows aged 65 years and over and still practising any form of medicine 50%

July 2019

10.5     The provisions of by-law 10.4 notwithstanding, special consideration may be given to those on extended leave (limited to carer’s leave, leave due to illness and compassionate leave) or in circumstances of financial hardship. Such consideration may include deferral of payment and/or concessions. Fellows should direct enquiries in writing to the ANZCA Finance Unit.
July 2019

10.6     Non-payment of the annual subscription for six months after it becomes due, as specified on the relevant subscription notice, results in the person ceasing to be a member of the Faculty with consequent loss of all rights and privileges of membership. ANZCA Council may announce to the public generally or to any professional body or organisation, the fact that a person has ceased to be a member of the College and therefore loses the right to use the post-nominal of FFPMANZCA. ANZCA may require a person to return his or her certificate of fellowship to the College.

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