12. Expulsion from the Faculty

Note:  Dates in italics flag the dates of recent changes to the by-law , for example, 10/04 indicates a change made to the above paragraph in October 2004.



12.1  If the Board recommends that a Fellow be charged with a breach of the by-laws, or other conduct contrary to the ethics, standards and purposes of the Faculty (hereinafter termed "derogatory conduct"), the Faculty General Manager shall notify the Fellow concerned in writing of details of the charges and of the date (being not less than fourteen days after the date when such notice is served) of the Meeting of the Board at which the charges will be considered.
12.1.1  A Fellow charged with derogatory conduct is entitled to present verbal or written defense to the Board.
12.1.2  When a Fellow is found guilty of derogatory conduct, the Board may resolve to recommend to the Council of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (“the Council”) that the Fellow may be:  censured, or  suspended from Fellowship of the Faculty for such a period as it deems fit, or  expelled from the Faculty.

12.2  No Fellow will be found guilty or punished under these by-laws, except by the vote of at least three quarters of all the Members of the Board present and voting. The quorum for such meetings will be three quarters of the elected Membership of Board or Council (as the case may be).
12.3  In the event of a Fellow found guilty of derogatory conduct and censured, suspended or expelled pursuant to 12.2 above, the Faculty General Manager will notify the Fellow of the Board and Council decisions.
12.4  Within seven days of being notified of such suspension or expulsion a Fellow will have his/her name removed from the list of Fellows and be requested to return the Diploma of Fellowship.
12.5  At its discretion, the Board may communicate the fact of the findings and penalty imposed to all or any of the Fellows and to all or any of the Fellows and Honorary Fellows, any professional body or organisation, or to the public generally.

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