18. Faculty of Pain Medicine pre-2015 training program

These by-laws apply to trainees who commenced structured training prior to August 30, 2014 and will expire when these trainees have all exited the training program.  At the latest this will be on August 30, 2024. 


18.1  Pain medicine training

18.1.1  Training is for a minimum of two years (88 weeks) full-time equivalent of approved clinical experience directly related to pain medicine.


18.1.2  Trainees must undertake at least one prospectively approved structured training year in a Faculty accredited training unit.


18.1.3  Trainees may spend a maximum of six months (22 weeks) in an FPM accredited level 2 training unit during the structured year of training.


18.1.4  One additional year of approved experience of direct relevance to pain medicine is required. Recognition of prior experience may be awarded following application to the Assessor. If granted, payment of a pro-rata ATF based on the months of approved training time is payable within four weeks of completing structured training.


18.1.5  Trainees who commenced training prior to August 30, 2014 must complete all FPM training requirements within 10 years of the date of commencement of training.  This 10 year period includes delays caused by examination failures, interrupted and part-time training.


18.1.6  A signed FPM training agreement must be submitted annually by March 31 in order to maintain trainee status.


18.1.7  Trainees who complete all the requirements of the FPM training program will be eligible to apply for a certificate of completion of training (CCT). (See by-law 3.1.2) 


18.1.8  Any trainee who is experiencing difficulty or is involved in a trainee performance review process must satisfactorily conclude these processes before an application for the certificate of completion of training may be considered. 


18.2  Log book

18.2.1  The trainee is expected to keep an accurate logbook over a period of six months. The format and documentation required in the logbook are described on the Faculty website.


18.2.2  The trainee must present the log book undertaken during the preceding quarters to their supervisor of training at the in-training assessment meetings. 


18.3  In-training assessments 

18.3.1  Quarterly in-training assessments must be completed and submitted to the Faculty using the pre-2015 ITA form.


18.3.2  The process for in-training assessments is specified in by-law 4.7 with the exception of by-law 4.7.4 which relates solely to trainees completing the 2015 program.


18.4  Long case assessment

18.4.1  Trainees who did not present for or who were not successful in the Fellowship examination prior to 2015 will be required to complete two long case assessments as specified in by-law 4.8. 


18.5  Clinical case study

18.5.1  All trainees are required to submit a clinical case study.  The requirements for the clinical case study are specified in by-law 4.9. 


18.6  Fellowship examination

18.6.1  Trainees are required to complete the examination as specified in by-law 4.10.


18.6.2  Trainees who did not attempt or who were not successful in the Fellowship examination prior to 2015 are required to complete their clinical case study before being eligible to present for the Fellowship examination.


18.7  Fees

18.7.1  Training fees for trainees who commenced training prior to August 30, 2014 are specified in by-law 4.11. 


18.8  Normal leave

18.8.1  The maximum leave entitlement under the program is specified in by-law 4.13. 


18.9 Variations in training program

18.9.1  Part-time and interrupted training options are specified in by-law 4.14. 


18.10  Trainees with illness or disability

18.10.1  Requirements with regard to trainees with illness or disability are specified in by-law 4.15 


18.11  Trainee performance review

18.11.1  Requirements for the trainee performance review process are specified in by-law 4.16. 


18.12  Withdrawal from training

18.12.1  Trainees seeking to withdraw from the FPM training program should advise the general manager, Faculty of Pain Medicine, in writing. 


18.13.1  Prizes

18.13.1  Prize eligibility is specified in by-law 4.19. 


18.14  Ability to change the rules or individual application of the rules

18.14.1  Details of the ability to change the rules or individual application of the rules are specified in by-law 4.20. 


18.15  Reconsideration, review and appeal

18.15.1  Any person who is dissatisfied with a decision made under the by-laws may apply to have that decision reconsidered. Such applications must be made within six months of the decision in question. The processes of reconsideration, review and appeal will follow ANZCA regulations 30 and 31. 

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