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NSW Provisional Pain Fellow – Royal North Shore Hospital May 21
  Staff Specialist in Pain Medicine – Tamworth Hospital June 16


Pain Medicine Specialists – Sydney Spine and Pain

July 31

New Zealand Practice Development Stage Trainee – Waitemata District Health Board April 29
  Pain Medicine Fellow  – Wellington Regional Pain Unit June 17

Northern Territory

No positions advertised


Queensland No positions advertised  

South Australia

No positions advertised



No positions advertised


Victoria FFPMANZCA or Practice Development Stage Trainee – Metro Pain Group  
  Pain Medicine Consultant – Peter MacCallum April 9
  2020 Pain Fellow – Barwon Health April 25
  2019 PDS Trainee – Frankston Pain Management/Peninsula Health June 15
  2020 PDS Trainee – Frankston Pain Management/Peninsula Health June 30

Western Australia

Pain Medicine Specialist – Neurospine Institute

April 26

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