Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence (4th edition) 2015

APMSE4 cover imageAcute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence is published every five years by ANZCA and FPM and covers a wide range of clinical topics, combining a review of the best available evidence for acute pain management with current clinical and expert practice.

The document can be accessed as a flipbook which can be viewed on smart devices, laptops and PCs and also be downloaded as a PDF file.


Hard copies are available for purchase by submitting an order form. Fellows and trainees should email with their name and College ID. 

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Pelvic Pain Report (Pelvic Pain Steering Committee, 2011)

This report written by the Pelvic Pain Steering Committee and endorsed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine and Painaustralia, is an Australian initiative to address human and fiscal burdens associated with conditions causing pelvic pain.  It provides solutions to improve women’s health services and outcomes. The intended audiences for the Pelvic Pain Report are state and federal governments, funders, clinicians, consumers, allied health care professionals, researchers and research funders.  The report can be viewed here.


Realising the Health Benefits of Work (AFOEM, 2010)

The Australian Faculty of Occupational and Enviromental Medicine (AFOEM) has released a position statement outlining some of the key evidence regarding the health benefits of work.  See the statement here.


Managing Acute Pain - A Guide for Patients (2005)

This booklet talks about acute pain and why pain should be managed properly. It aims to help you, your family and carers understand why pain control is important and how to play an active role in choosing options for treating your pain.


This booklet was derived from the document Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence (Second Edition), which was developed by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Faculty of Pain Medicine. This document aims to help health professionals work with patients to manage acute pain effectively and safely.


Download Managing Acute Pain - A Guide for Patients (2005).


Hard copies can be purchased (in multiples of 50) using the order form.


Pain Medicine journal online

Pain Medicine is available to all FPM Fellows and trainees online via the library journal list. Pain Medicine is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to the pain clinician, teacher and researcher. It is the official journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. The journal is devoted to the advancement of pain management, education and research.


Log-in to the ANZCA website with your College ID and password and view the library online journal list.


Access Economics report - The high price of pain: the economic impact of persistent pain in Australia

View this report here.


Pain Medicine  A rewarding multidisciplinary career

The Faculty of Pain Medicine has produced Pain Medicine: A rewarding multidisciplinary career  as a guide to those wishing to enter this challenging specialty.


Pain Oriented Physical Examination (POPE) DVD

The POPE DVD is an interactive presentation on the physical examination of the pain patient, to address the "Why?" as well as the "How?" and incorporate discussion on the interpretation of findings, guided by recent advances in the neurobiology of nociception. 


This DVD runs for 50 minutes and can also be viewed online



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