Admission to fellowship

There are four ways to become a fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine: by completion of the training program, by election, by invitation and by the international medical graduate system. The requirements for admission to fellowship through each of these routes are described in by-law 3.


Fellowship by completion of the FPM training program

Trainees who have completed the training requirements of the faculty and have a specialist qualification acceptable to the board, can apply for admission to fellowship. Fellowship is awarded to trainees who have met the requirements described in by-law 3.1. Application for fellowship by completion of the training program should be made on the application form for Fellowship.


Fellowship by election

Registered medical specialists in Australia or New Zealand who have made a notable contribution to the advancement of the science and practice of pain medicine may be elected to fellowship by the board, as described in by-law 3.2. Application for election to fellowship should be made on the application form for election to fellowship.

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