Application for training

Flexible training applications

Examination and course applications

Applications for admission to fellowship

Practice development stage proposal


Application for training

The pain medicine training program is open to applicants who hold a primary specialist qualification acceptable to the board or who have completed at least three years full-time equivalent training within that primary specialty. Trainees must complete the following steps prior to commencing the core training stage:


Flexible training applications

With the exception of recognition of prior experience all applications for flexible training must be submitted prospectively to the Faculty assessor. A reduced annual training fee may apply. (By-law 4.11)

Please note, from December 2017 WBAs (Workplace based assessments) have been renamed to WBPF (Workplace based progressive feedback).


Examination and course applications

Applications for examinations and courses are available on their specific pages.


Practice development stage proposal

Training proposals for the practice development stage (PDS) need to be approved prospectively by the Faculty assessor. The relevant sections of the proposal and supporting documentation must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to commencing the practice development stage.

As part of the proposal submission, the letter of offer, position description and a weekly session plan for each placement is required to be submitted to the faculty.

Trainees who wish to have a clinical research project accredited towards their practice development stage are encouraged to refer to the Guidance document for including a research component in the Practice Development Stage. Trainees must ensure that their research project is directly related to clinical pain medicine.


Sample learning outcomes for the following topics may be included in your proposal or provide direction on how to structure your learning outcomes.


Application for admission to fellowship

Upon completion of all training requirements a trainee with a primary specialist qualification acceptable to the board may apply for admission to fellowship.


All trainees are required to submit a completed exit questionnaire at the completion of training.


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