Examinations and clinical case study

International medical graduate specialists (IMGS) who have been interviewed by an IMGS interview panel in Australia or New Zealand will normally be required to do 12-24 months full-time equivalent clinical practice
assessment (CPA) in a clinical pain medicine post in Australia and/or New Zealand that have been approved, prior to commencement by the FPM IMGS Committee or its nominee.

An IMGS's eligibility for fellowship will be determined by the completion of summative assessments including two long case assessments, the clinical case study and the fellowship examination requirements of the FPM Training Program. See by-laws 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10. Details on each of these assessments can be found in the FPM Training Handbook and By-Law 4.
Assessment and examination dates and application forms can be found here

Long case assessment

  • Two long-case assessments are required to be completed. 
  • During the long-case assessment, candidates will have one hour with a patient, observed by examiners, during which the trainee will take a targeted history and perform a pertinent physical examination. The candidate will then have 20 minutes to prepare the case presentation. Following this time the examiners return to the examination room and conduct a viva voce for 30 minutes.  
  • For more information please refer to the FPM training Handbook Section 11.

Fellowship examination

  • IMGSs who have submitted a satisfactory CPA form of at least three months duration and have completed one long-case assessment, may apply to present for the fellowship examination. The examination consists of two sections, written and clinical; candidates must obtain a mark of 50 per cent in each section to achieve a pass.
  • The written section involves a paper of two and a half hours' duration consisting of 10 short answer questions.
  • The clinical section includes eight viva voce stations (Viva’s) of 15 minutes each, covering a broad range of topics. Vivas follow a predetermined format with a scenario, each viva is aimed to assess a candidate’s ability to synthesise factual knowledge.
  • For more information please refer to the FPM Training Handbook, section 12.

Clinical case study

  • International medical graduate specialists will also be required to successfully complete a clinical case study. This needs to be submitted with a cover sheet.
  • Further information on the clinical case study requirements can be found here.
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