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Mentoring logoPain medicine trainees and Fellows identified a need for mentoring during their training period and early post fellowship years. Mentoring is a voluntary relationship, typically between an experienced person and a more junior colleague. It enables the current and next generations of pain physicians to meet and share ideas, thoughts and experiences.

A mentor is a person who takes a special interest in the professional development of a junior colleague and provides guidance and support. Mentees may need guidance or support on a wide range of issues regarding clinical problems, relationships with colleagues, critical incidents, career options, stress management, and personal and professional development. Mentoring accelerates learning from experience, and helps achieve positive, lasting change to reach personal and professional goals. An effective mentoring relationship will provide ongoing benefit into the years following the training period as new clinical and personal challenges are encountered.

A mentoring database is now live on the FPM website. The mentoring database is a project of the Education Committee, driven by the Mentoring Sub-Committee). The database will facilitate FPM Fellows and trainees to engage with suitable mentors by listing their location, interests and speciality areas. For further details read the guidelines and visit the mentoring database via the links below.

Finding a mentor

The Mentoring Facility is voluntary and confidential.

Read the Guidelines for Mentees.

Mentees are invited to browse the mentoring database.

Becoming a mentor

The Mentoring Facility is voluntary and confidential.

Read the Guidelines for Mentors.


Applications are welcomed from potential mentors. Mentors should be at least one year post award of fellowship.


The Mentor Application Form is available here.


Please note that the Mentoring Sub-Committee reviews applications before details are listed on the mentoring website. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the sub-committee





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