Guidelines for mentees

Purpose of mentoring
● Sharing know-how at a strategic level.
● Assistance in identifying realistic career goals and planning to achieve them.
Benefits of having a mentor
● Receive honest and informal feedback.
● Encouragement with setting and achieving goals.
● Help to clarify and enhance career direction and advancement.
● Enhancement of networking opportunities.
● Increase communication about what is happening in other areas of pain medicine.
● Receive advice on how to balance work and other responsibilities and set professional priorities.
● Obtain knowledge of informal rules for advancement.
Using the FPM mentoring program
The mentoring program is an informal, web-based facility that enables trainees and fellows to access details of more senior fellows willing to act as mentors. Guidelines have been prepared as a reference for mentors and mentees. The nature and duration of the mentor/mentee relationship are to be established by these two individuals with no oversight or obligations other than agreed by the two participants.
● The needs of each mentee will be different and as such the form and terms of the mentoring relationship are variable and can be negotiated at the beginning of the relationship.
● Ideally contact would be at regular, predetermined intervals. Ideally, contact would be in person, however, each relationship will be different.  Face to face contact may not be possible.
● Mentors may decline an application from a mentee.
● Either participant may terminate the mentor/mentee relationship at any time.
Joining the program
● Review the list of fellows who are willing to act as mentors to identify who you might like to approach.
● Email the Faculty office who will forward your request onto your nominated mentor.
● Following this initial contact, the mentee and the mentor should negotiate the terms of their relationship.
● Maintenance of the relationship is expected to be performed by the mentor and mentee without the need for external input.
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