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Location Associated Specialties Areas of Interest Additional Information Name Availability
Victoria FANZCA Management of all types of chronic pain including, craniofacial, pelvic, spinal, neuropathic, post-surgical persistent pain, using a multidisciplinary approach combined with pharmacotherapy and interventional pain. Specialising in the full suite of diagnostic and therapeutic interventional pain techniques as well as neuromodulation including spinal cord stimulators, DRG stimulators, craniofacial stimulation. He is also a father, husband and exerciser.

Dr Christielis is also co-founder and Director of Pain Specialists Australia (previously Victoria Pain Specialists) which is a multidisciplinary and interventional pain service that includes chronic pain, cancer pain and paediatric pain management.  Mentoring is not only about the clinical aspects of pain but also the non-clinical aspects, of which there are many. Every good pain specialist has more than one mentor. 

Dr Nicholas Christelis Available 
Hunter Pain Clinic Pain Medicine Physician Management of chronic pain specialising in spinal cord stimulator implantation, inthrathecal analgesia and other interventional pain medicine approaches with interests in neuromodulation, combination pharmacotherapy and systems approaches to pain management. Dr Russo is also founder and Director of Innervate Pain Management which provides assessment and active coping skills for improving quality of life despite persistent pain. Dr Marc Russo Available
Cairns, Far North Queensland Anesthetics Delivering multidisciplinary services in a remote area private practice.
Interventional pain treatment.
  Dr Clifton Timmins Available
Princess Alexandra Hospital; Wesley Hospital Rehabilitation medicine Rehabilitation.
Chronic pain.

Dr Wilbur Kar Man Chan

Kaleidoscope Children's Complex Pain Service, Newcastle, NSW Pain Medicine Pain in Childhood and Adolescence My email inbox often becomes overloaded. If my email response is delayed, please phone me. Dr Susie Lord Available
The Auckland Regional Pain Service Anesthetics CRPS and Chronic Pain Happy to help. Dr Kieran Davis Available
National Women's Pain Clinic, Auckland, New Zealand Anesthetics Persistent pelvic/abdominal pain and pain in pregnancy   Dr Duncan Wood Available
The Auckland Regional Pain Service Anesthetics Paediatric and adolescent pain, regional analgesia, neuropathic pain   Dr Jane Thomas Available
Royal Perth Hospital Anesthetics   Mentoring experience with medical students Professor Stephan Schug Available
Prince of Wales/Sydney Children's Hospital Anesthetics Paediatric and Adult Pain Medicine. I do interventional pain management as part of a multidisciplinary team. Anaesthesia interests: paediatric + cardiac. I work in both public and private practice. Dr Jordan Wood Available
Royal Adelaide Hospital Anesthetics Paediatric and adolescent pain medicine, chronic pelvic pain, medical education particularly pain medicine   Dr Meredith Craigie Available
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